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the senate rules themselves when the new congress convenes next month, they want to stop filibuster abuse by actually making senators talk on the senate floor when they want to filibuster. now, that didn't sit well with republican minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> what the majority leader is saying is he will break the rules of the senate in order to change the rules of the senate. i implore members on both sides to oppose this naked power grap grab strenuously and loudly. >> democrats can change the filibuster rules to prevent abuse of power when the new congress is sworn in. 48 democratic senators are on board with the rule change. but why is it so hard for democrats to summon these last few remaining votes? let's ask the man himself, the man leading the charge, oregon senator jeff americaly. thanks for being here. >> thank you. it's great to be here. >> you've got this plan, you've got a lot of senators on board. what exactly would your plan do and why would it deal with this gridlock? >> well, there's a package of changes. the first is to get rid of the filibuster to proceed. a fili
to be a real issue next month when congress is back. >> you could understand why she would be hesitant considering what happened with the previous person who was trying to be secretary of state. right? i mean, this is -- this is a minefield she walking into. >> what makes had situation so much -- there's been an independent report about what happened in benghazi. according to the report about the state department's actions will were systemic failure to republicans and democrats of capitol hill asking questions. what caused the systemic failures? does the buck stop with hillary clinton? no one is sure yet but will have to come and testify and was scheduled to testify. it is not about whether she wants to or is willing to. it is when she will reschedule now due to her health. >> at the same time, i mean a lot of people had commented before she had taken this time off or before gotten sick. she had not been looking well. the travel had been obviously extremely hard on her. >> that's right. she did take a lot -- long foreign trip. now she has been out of the picture, though, since december
will reach this in about two months and the country could suffer a self-inflicted default. congress currently sets the borrowing limit at $16.4 trillion. the national debt rose because of a series of deficit-covering bonds were issued. the government and the republican party are at odds over the issue. the political stalemate in the summer of 2011 over raising the debt ceiling caused a plunge in stock prices. standard & poor's, the american credit rating agency, has downgraded u.s. government bonds from the top ratings for the first time. here are the latest market figures. >>> the chinese are trying to go head-to-head with the americans in the multibillion dollar sat nav business. their new navigation satellite system or bds is now offering service in the asia-pacific region. >> translator: bds will be used for both military and civilian purposes. it is useful in setting up china's national defense. >> chinese government representatives say the country has launched 16 satellites for bds. they say they plan to put several more into orbit to expand global coverage by 2020. bds is designed to c
for christmas. the 88-year-old was admitted to the hospital last month for a lingering cough and bronchitis. >>> five days and the clock is ticking. that's how long the president and congress have to come up with an agreement to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. president barack obama is on his way back to washington from his vacation -- he's expected to arrive in d.c. later this morning. congress is back in the nation's capitol trying to hammer out a deal. congressional officials say they don't know if any significant strides toward a compromise will take place. or going to happen before new year's and without an agreement automatic tax increases for everyone and deep spending cuts especially to defense. they go intoe penalty in 2013. the main dispute remains over taxes. who should be taxed? and when. >>> well, people may be mixed on the feelings for president obama. his wifes seems to have no problem charming the public. according to a new poll released yesterday the first lady has a 73% approval rating. secretary of state hillary clinton also pretty popular with 66% approving of her job
two points lower. nasdaq down 4.25. congress department says sales of new homes went up almost 4.5% last month. that's the highest rate of growth in total sales in more than 2 1/2 years. that's it from cnbc, now back to "hardball." ♪ >>> if their competitor in '16 is going to be hillary clinton supported by bill clinton and presumably a still relatively popular president barack obama, trying to win that will be truly the super bowl, and the republican party as it is today is incapable of competing at that level. >> welcome back to "hardball." newt gingrich's reverence for hillary clinton is certainly a long way from the near contempt republicans held for her back in the '90s. even as a senator hillary clinton was close with some high-profeel republicans. she had friends up there. this archival l.a. times story's headline the secret friendship of hillary clinton and john mccain. but a piece in today's politico asked when will the rit wing or the right start hating hillary clinton again? it's a fascinating story for political people. time magazine's rana joins us and steve kornac
. the latest news out of washington tonight, treasury secretary tim geithner told congress that the country will hit the debt ceiling on december 31st, some two months earlier than expected, but there's still no date yet on when the house of representatives will be called into session to veto a vote on any deal. president obama cut his hawaiian vacation short and is due to land in washington tomorrow. but if politicians aren't feeling enough urgency, the people people. 50% of americans think a deal is likely. that's down nine points from just a few weeks ago. if we go over the cliff, it will affect all of us. if you're a family that makes $50,000 a year, your taxes will go up by $2,000. if you make $100,000, your taxes will go up by $4600. the come bination of tax hikes d deep cuts could end up like k like this. ore the cliff in a free fall. whisky and cigarettes in hand. tonight, we've got the view from both sides of the aisle. democrat from arizona and republican from wisconsin. earlier, i spoke to the arizona congressman and asked him what he would support a scaled down deal that the pre
be over in a few months, what is behind that? >> reporter: he's trying to be practical. i think it's like saying the differences in the u.s. congress over the fiscal cliff could be settled if. that's what he's really saying in this press conference in damascus. the elements are there under plan world powers agreed to back in jeune. but, of course, getting agreement if there fr. the assad side and the rebels the and the government, that's a tall order. he's an experienced negotiator. there seems to be some momentum with a flurry of talks and shuttle-type dip ploemmy but he still said and lamented syria is deteriorating rapidly. and as he said there's no u.s./russian plan. there may be discussions on options. can will there a transitional government formed and then elections but we're still not at that stage yet, suzanne. >> do we think he's bringing anything to the table that kofi annan did not who failed in brings these sides together? >> yes. and in failed, it may be a matter of timing. certainly the matter of violence has an eastbound. 40,000 report lid dead. brahimi has not had that su
't see or $136 a month starting with first the paycheck of 2013. happy new year, everyone. even if congress strikes a deal don't expect the cash to come back. they'll likely let the payroll tax cut expire. legal ger joe gallagher joins u. there's a real issue here going away but i think the bottom line is whether there's a deal the next few days, in the first few weeks of 2013, that's gone. we have to reconcile ourselves to. but to ask about, we can put a big price tag out there but a lot of stuff i think it's fair to say is not going to end up impacting people. the vast majority of the bush tax cuts extended for everyone it seems in the alternative median tax and fix every year and probably fixed, too. what are we really talking about here in terms of the cost for people? >> it is true, steve. if there's a deal many of the changes will be small, especially -- i mean, the one thing everybody agrees on is the middle class should not go through the increase. the payroll tax cut, if your check is cut this week, you won't see it but you will in the second one. that's happening autom
of months so there has to be a vote in congress. at that point, the question is, does that trigger the idea of a grand bargain or big deal. they're not even speak, savannah. they're not even having basic communication. so the idea they will come up with a temporary compromise seems far-fetched. >> chuck todd in pensacola, florida, for us, thank you so much. >> you got it. use your birthday wish for it. >> good idea. thanks so much. >> i didn't know i had a birthday wish. i used it on the dance music at the top of the show. sorry. >> that came and went. >>> to the other top stories of the morning. natalie morales. good morning. >> good morning to you, willie and the birthday girl and everyone in the news. former president george h.w. bush is in intensive care at the houston hospital. the 88-year-old is alert and talking but in guarded condition with a stubborn fever. the 41st president has been hospitalized since late november. he was admitted for a lingering cough and bronchitis. >>> former south africa president nelson mandela has been admitted to the hospital after being hospitalized. he
worsened. mr. bush has faced a series of health problems and was first hospitalized late last month. >>> president obama will be back at the white house this morning after cutting his hawaiian vacation short. he is still hoping to work out a deal with congress to avoid the fiscal cliff before the new year. >>> the storm that hammered the midwest with up to a foot of snow is now menacing the northeast. it's bringing heavy snow from pennsylvania to new england. and powerful winds, down all along the coast. >>> looking at the rest of today's weather. rain from seattle to portland. light showers in the cascades, northern rockies and dakotas. rain in south texas. >>> and finally this morning, a celebration of the season. >> kwanzaa festivities are taking place throughout the country. and here's karen jordan in chicago. ♪ >> reporter: drums signal the start of kwanzaa, a week-long celebration of african heritage and culture among african-americans. this is the 18th year that malcolm x college is hosting a kwanzaa observance. and organizers say it gets larger every year. >> it's about fa
's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> the fiscal cliff isn't the only piece of business congress hasn't finished as the year draws to a close. the farm bill, which has a major impact on prices of all kinds of food expired three months ago, and unless they approve a new one soon, it could mean very bad news at your local supermarket. here's nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: the dairy industry is calling it the milk cliff. just like tax rates, if congress doesn't approve a farm bill by january 1st, the price of milk could go up. way up. right now, an average gallon costs $3.65. it could soar to between $6 and $8. >> that would be a pretty big impact. >> we would probably still be going through it but maybe cut down on other things. >> reporter: it wouldn't be just milk prices. all dairy products would be affected. imagine if wisconsin cheddar costs more than imported french brie. what would that mean for the average grilled cheese? one part of the large and very complicated farm bill controls the dairy market. without it, pricing would go back to an outdated law put in place durin
. they come up with this document, four months, and now you have it, going to the congress to the people. >> to the people. >> to the people to ratify. you know when i read about it, i am one of those. i get chills because that is the beginning of the development of the place that allows you and me to be here with all its warts. it's sort of the way i feel about my hometown of savannah. it's got a lot of problems but it's my home. that is the way i feel about the constitution. it's got a lot of problems. i don't know if i could do any better, but it's ours and we get a chance through this wonderful opportunity that we have in different roles, to make it all work, to try to understand, to try to make the country work. you know may be a part of the thing we could do is celebrate the birthday. would you have a constitution of everybody there was -- would you have the amendments to the constitution if mason was more cynical than adams? would you have the declaration of independence if jefferson was a cynic rather than someone -- [inaudible] would you have a constitution of medicine didn't ca
of questions that only she could answer. it's been now 3 1/2 months since the tragedy and secretary clinton has not answered questions with the press or before congress and they are really very straightforward. what did she know? when did she know it and what did she do about it both before, during and after the attack. >> there is strong incentive for john kerry who the president named to succeed secretary clinton to get on with his own confirmation process. gregg: yeah. he will be interviewing her. you wrote an op-ed in the "new york post." let me quote. a series of excuses have conveniently al loued her, meaning hillary clinton to which the report released came out a few days ago. clinton sailed right along preparing the first steps for what is widely expected to be her 2016 presidential campaign. a series of conveniently, a series of excuses conveniently allowed her to escape. do you think she made that up? >> well, i think what she wanted to do, i think the central strategy here was to avoid testifying or having a press conference before the accountability review board report came out, bec
to leave. he goes to philadelphia and they do it. they come up with this document, four months, and now you have it, going to the congress to the people. >> to the people. >> to the people to ratify. you know when i read about it, i am one of those. i get chills because that is the beginning of the development of the place that allows you and me to be here with all its warts. it's sort of the way i feel about my hometown of savannah. it's got a lot of problems but it's my home. that is the way i feel about the constitution. it's got a lot of problems. i don't know if i could do any better, but it's ours and we get a chance through this wonderful opportunity that we have in different roles, to make it all work, to try to understand, to try to make the country work. you know may be a part of the thing we could do is celebrate the birthday. would you have a constitution of everybody there was -- would you have the amendments to the constitution if mason was more cynical than adams? would you have the declaration of independence if jefferson was a cynic rather than someone -- [inaudible] would
institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> all this month, we've been talking with retiring members of congress. join us later tonight for a sit- down we had recently with nebraska senator ben nelson. he served two terms and was part of the so-called gang of 14. that is 8:00 eastern tonight here on c-span. here is a brief look. >> what is your thought about the art of compromise and how much it is valued in this city? >> it is value to talk about it. everybody back home want people to come back to washington and work together, and then they send people back here who have committed not to work together. that makes it very difficult. if you have in the senate a block of individuals who will not compromise and think compromise is a four-letter word, it becomes a very difficult to merge ideas and find compromises and accommodations in the process, and implementation as opposed to the principles. nobody is asked to compromise his or her principles. it may be how you go about doing something, not exactly eliminating your view about one thing or another. the word comp
suggesting much still needs to be done if a deal is to be struck and passed through congress by the end of the year. >> sam garner stated that the government may go out of money on december 31st. he stated that the government may not have enough to spend for next month. >> approval ratings for president obama and his cabinet are mixed. a new poll shows 52 percent of people surveyed approved of the president's performance while 43 percent disapprove. but as president joe biden's numbers are in line with the president. 54 percent approve of his job performance while 40 percent do not. first lady michelle obama has a 73 percent approval rating. all going secretary of state hillary clinton is also popular with a 66 percent approval rating. >> a new gallup poll shows a majority of americans supported stricter gun laws but most are against banning assault weapons. 58 percent of americans now say that they do support stricter gun laws. that is up from 43% in october 2011. 48% of the public say that they want to enforce current laws while 47 percent once the new legislation. the law to ban assa
by surprise a new u.s. will hit the desk limits on monday. we don't have enough going on. this is months earlier than expected. liz macdonald is here with the bottom line. now what? liz: we have the treasury secretary's letter that was sent to harry reid and other members of congress where he is invoking extraordinary measures to avoid having the u.s. default on its debts. it needs to pay interest costs on the debt that is rolling over so suspending sale of u.s. securities to local governments when the locals basically cash out or get the new t-bonds, to come up with cash and suspending payments to government pensions and also the u.s. post office for those pensions there and capping possibly the exchange stabilization fund. all these measures we have seen off and on sincc 1962, 70 times. tracy: why have a debt ceiling every year? liz: it feels that way. my favorite maneuver was in 2009 when the treasury rated go wall street bailout fund but what is interesting this time is the treasury secretary is saying two things, watch out, your tax refund may get delayed. the tax filing season may
in funding for the next three months. we are not saying that this is the be-all and end-all of what congress will ultimately need to fund to meet the needs of those impacted by sandy. we are simply saying that before rushing to a number, which has not been fully scrubbed, fully looked at, with plans haven't been fully developed yet, and that's understandable, we think the most important thing we can do is to provide emergency funding for those in immediate need over the next three months. we have carefully worked with fema, director fugate, we have worked with h.u.d., we have worked with the appropriations committee to identify those specific needs that get to the emergency situations under which this bill is titled. it provides funding for states to allow them to begin to rebuild but also leaves us time to review what additional funds might be needed. so rather than throwing out a big number and simply saying let's see what comes in under that number, let's look at the most immediate needs that have to be funded now and provide a sufficient amount of funds in order to do that. in fact, the
to understand why congress needs to keep a tight rein on these surveillance efforts. it was in the months after 9/11, just shortly after 9/11, that president bush first authorized what we now refer to as the secret "wireless wiretapping program." many legitimate concerns were raised about that program, and congress wisely went back and put some limits on it in that 2008 law. but we have an opportunity to discuss today whether those limits went far enough and whether the circumstances that prompted the creation of the program in 2001 and its passage into law in 2008 still justify its existence today. i'm a member of both the armed services and the intelligence committees, and i am i'll be the first to say that terrorism remains a serious threat to the united states, and we must be as diligent as ever in he can prosecuting our fellow american citizens. i can also say with confidence that the fisa amendments act has been beneficial to the protection of our national security. in the senate intelligence committee, i receive regular briefings on our efforts to combat terrorism abroad and here at home
bronchitis and a persistent cough for over a month and there are new concerns about the former president's health. gregg: details on that. monday the u.s. government set to hit its debt limit again. what could happen to our economy if congress does not raise the sealing. former krerbgs o doug holtz ekin joins us live. patti ann: we are just days away from huge tax increases unless a deal is made by january 1st to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> if in fact we do go over the fiscal cliff it means the economy is going to go down pretty sharply. [ buzzing ] bye dad. drive safe. k. love you. [ chirping, buzzing continues ] [ horn honks ] [ buzzing continues ] [ male announcer ] the sprint drive first app. blocks and replies to texts while you drive. we can live without the &. visit . gregg: you expect accrued of lines when you're shopping. how about sharks? look at those cameras rolling. a giant aquarium bursts, e phroedz insid explodes inside a mall in sang high china it sends glass, water, everywhere, including sharks. fortunately the sharks weren't terribly hungry at the momen
understanding of the privacy impact of the law. several senators sent the director a follow-up letter last month, again urgin urging him to provide public answers to what we felt were straightforward questions, really sort of a minimum set of responses that the congress needs to do oversight, and the director refused as well. now, mr. president, intelligence first of all, don't deny the facts that they have -- the facts that i've outlined this morning. they still insist they are already protecting innocent americans' privacy. there is a lot of discussion about how this program is overseen by the secret fisa court, how the court is charged with ensuring that all of the collection carried out under this program is constitutional. now, to respond to those arguments i just note that under the fisa amendments act the government does not have to get the permission of the fisa court to read particular emails or listen to particular phone calls. the law simply requires the court to review the government's collection handling procedures on an annual basis. there's no requirement in the law for the court
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)